21Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme


The original 21 Day Fix was designed to make losing weight simple and eliminate the need to ever diet again.

Now, get seriously shredded in the shortest time possible with 21 Day Fix EXTREME, created by Autumn Calabrese. This breakthrough 21-day fitness program combines extreme 30-minute workouts to deliver a body that is hard, lean, and defined.

**** The first video is free: Plyo Fix Extreme >> [Click to watch / download]
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Product Description

The All-new 21 Day Fix Extreme: Introductory Video:

Details of full Videos / Workouts:

* Plyo Fix Extreme: An explosive lower-body workout that uses jumping and resistance to torch calories and sculpt muscles.       >> [Click to watch / download]
* Upper Fix Extreme: By alternating opposing muscle groups, this no-rest upper-body workout will help shred your chest, back, shoulders, and arms.
* Pilates Fix Extreme: Using a resistance band for every exercise, this intense mat workout works the entire body, placing emphasis on the core.
* Lower Fix Extreme: Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves will get stronger, leaner, and more defined with challenging resistance work.

* Cardio Fix Extreme: Combining weighted cardio moves with traditional metabolic training intervals keeps your heart rate soaring.
* Yoga Fix Extreme: A fast-paced flow yoga class, combining strength, balance, flexibility, and power.
* Dirty 30 Extreme: It’s a down and dirty workout featuring seven compound moves that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, to help you develop integrated strength and incredible definition.

* 10 Min Hardcore
* The Challenge
* Power Strength Extreme
* Abc Extreme

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First video is FREE: Plyo Fix Extreme  >> [Click to watch / download]


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