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Body Beast


Are you looking to get HUGE muscles (or even, just a little bit bigger muscles)? Or, are you looking to get or stay lean while slightly adding some additional muscle tone? Depending on those goals, there is a Body Beast workout schedule for you!

12 Dynamic Set Training workouts: Each month you start a new “Block” so after 90 days—you’re a total BEAST!

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Glimse at the Body Beast Workout:

Details of full Videos / Workouts:

BLOCK 1: Build
Start lifting hard with Sagi in Block 1. Watch your body transform as you take on Super sets, Giant sets, and Single sets, to create strength and definition in the first 30 days.
4 workouts:
Chest & Tris  
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Back & Bis

BLOCK 2: Bulk
Intensify your training in Block 2. Multi-sets, Progressive sets, Combo sets, and Force sets push your body to develop power and jaw-droppingly defined lean muscle.
5 workouts:

BLOCK 3: Beast
Finish up with Block 3. An incredible rotation through the 12 Body Beast workouts to put the finishing touches on your new physique.
3 workouts:
Beast Abs
Beast Cardio
Beast Total Body


Lucky 7
Tempo Back & Bis
Tempo Chest & Tris

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First video is FREE: * Build  Chest & Tris  >> [Click to watch / download]


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