Double Time


Wouldn’t you love to spend more time with your family?
Doing something that can make fitness part of your everyday life, while having a total blast? Introducing Double Time, the first-ever 30-day fitness program you get to do with a partner!

Team up with a partner, get fit, and adopt healthier habits together—while having a blast—with Double Time, Tony Horton’s partner workout program.

**** First video is FREE: Game On!  >> [Click to watch / download]

Let’s download it and let’s get started...

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Product Description

Tony Horton’s Double Time: Introductory Video

Details of full Videos / Workouts:

* Game On!: Ready, set, go! Take on your first Double Time workout designed to crank up your heart rate—and the fun! >> [Click to watch / download]

* Dynamic Doubles: Pal around while building strength in this quick and effective resistance workout.

* Double Up: Torching calories doesn’t have to feel like work—especially when you’ve got a buddy on your side.

* BOD Squad: Team up to lunge, squat, and crawl your way to a stronger bod.

* Abracadabra: Feel the magic as you and your partner sweat and laugh your way to stronger, flatter abs.

* Recess: All play makes this active recovery workout a blast—and a great way to loosen up and improve flexibility.

* Funapalooza (Bonus): Packed with playful cardio moves, this is one sweat fest you’ll actually look forward to.

* Power Partners (Bonus): Tony double dog dares you to take on more strength-building moves—all while having a ball!
* QuickStart Guide [Click to view / download]
* Fun Family Recipes [Click to view / download]
* 30 Day Calendar [Click to view / download]
* Kids Calendar [Click to view / download]

Congrats on getting started…
**** First video is FREE: Game On!  >> [Click to watch / download]

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