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Les Mills Combat workout is filled with fat burning, strength building, martial arts moves. The Les Mills Combat workout is performed by trainers Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham. The team is incredibly fun and motivating, to work with. Dan & Rachel’s goal is to help challenge you, inspire you, and keep you coming back for more! The “combat” aspect of the Les Mills workout also makes it fun.

The secret behind the Les Mills Combat workout is the use of Fast-Twitch Muscle Integration. Les Mills Combat works your fast-twitch muscles through a combination of martial arts moves. By integrating different martial arts disciplines, and focusing on fast-twitch muscles, you get shredded fast.

The moves are carefully designed to cover explosive, fast-twitch muscle patters. Integrating moves from different martial arts disciplines keeps the workout fun, while maximizing your lean-muscle definition.

**** The first video is free: Combat Basics >> [Click to download]
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Tony Horton’s Double Time: Introductory Video

Details of full Videos / Workouts:

Combat Basics: Master the combat basics: moves, guards, and stances you will use throughout Les Mills Combat.  >> [Click to download]

* Combat 30 Kick Start: High-intensity Kick Start workout, introduces you to the basic Les Mills combination moves.

* Combat 45 Power Kata: Combines speed and power moves to create a fat burning, cardio workout.

* Combat 60 Extreme Cardio Fighter: High-intensity workout, focusing on a sequence of rich MMA moves.

* Combat 60 Live Ultimate Warrior’s Workout: Will challenge you with mixed martial arts moves for every part of your body.

* HIIT 1 Power: The Power HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) DVD burns calories with quick bursts of exercise.

* HIIT 2 Plyo: Propulsion exercises in Plyo HIIT 2 will improve athletic performance, power, and endurance.

* Warrior 1 Upper Body: In addition to body resistance moves, blast the upper body: biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and more with weights.

* Warrior 2 Lower Body: This athletic/martial arts workout builds lean muscle for the entire lower body.

* Inner Workout: A stretch exercise using various martial arts styles to increase flexibility, balance, and coordination.

* Core Attack: A series of isolated exercises to sculpt and chisel your core leading to the ultimate 6 pack abs.

* Bonus: 30 Live: Features a cardio routine for fat burning and developing leaner arms and legs.
* Les Mills Combat Workout Calendar [Click to view / download]

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**** First video is FREE: Combat Basics >> [Click to download]

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