Les Mills Pump


Les Mills Pump will take your body To The Next Level!

* The Les Mills Pump workout torches calories to deliver your dream body. If your goal is to have iron abs, long and lean legs, ripped arms and tight buns, then Les Mills Pump is for you.

* The REP EFFECT™ of Les Mills Pump utilizing lighter weights and lifting them at a higher rate of repetition, allows you to torch up to 1,000 calories per workout and get ripped—quicker.

* Les Mills Pump will deliver strength and a lean body by using high-repetition resistance training. Your muscles will burn and grow fatigued through the masterful use and change of position, tempo and speed of your routines, all done while staying in your key heart rate zone. As a result, every Les Mills Pump workout will burn fat reserves, target the right muscles, and incinerate more calories than you ever thought was possible.

* By working out 3 times per week, you will shred your muscle fibers as much as optimal, leaving it so that you heal and rebuild on the other 4 days. You can do non-resistance training on your off days.

**** First video is FREE: Pump Basics!  >> [Click to watch / download]

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Product Description

Beachbody Les Mills Pump Workout Fitness: Introductory Video

Details of full Videos / Workouts:

* Pump Basics: Learn how to assemble your barbell, adjust your weights and get proper grips and stance techniques to get the most out of Les Mills Pump workout program. >> [Click to watch / download]

* Pump Challenge: Start firing your muscles with fundamental resistance exercises so you can see visible results in no time.

* Pump and Burn: Feel the burn with ‘compound’ moves that work several muscles at once to scorch the fat and calories. The bigger the burn, the better the results.

* Pump and Shred: Start ‘shredding’ while you build endurance and churn through fat stores with each repetition. The REP effect is in full effect here.

* Pump Revolution: Drive your heart rate up with quick tempos and big moves like power presses and power lunges. This is calorie-burning and lean muscle-building at its best.

* Pump Extreme: Weights won’t be the only thing lifted here as you focus on intensity and targeted muscle training in this extreme workout.

* Flow: Increase flexibility, decrease soreness, and improve your alignment as you stretch your entire body.

* Hard Core Abs: Carve out your core and define your back with moves that hit your muscles from every direction. It’s 360-degree training for your entire midsection.
* Fitness Guide [Click to view / download]
* Workout Schedule [Click to view / download]

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**** First video is FREE: Pump Basics!  >> [Click to watch / download]

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