A Week of Hard Labor


The Beast is back with 5 totally distinct and intense workouts that are the perfect compliment to your “Whatever It Takes” training library.

A Week of Hard Labor with trainer Sagi Kalev is Beachbody’s toughest weightlifting workout series to date, so you can get the results you want — as long as you’ve got a “whatever it takes” attitude.

The five routines of A Week of Hard Labor can be used for a lifetime — do them over and over again, or add them à la carte to your workout regimen to target whichever goal you’re focusing on that day.

Who is A Week of Hard Labor for?
* Those who want to start getting ripped, toned, and add muscle.
* Those who want to start losing weight.
* Women who are looking to add some curves.
* Body Beast fans.
* Sagi fans.
* Fitness fans who want a hard-hitting, classic weightlifting workout.

**** First video is FREE: Chest & Back >> [Click to watch / download]
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Product Description

Sagi Kalev’s A Week of Hard Labor: Introduction

Details of full Videos / Workouts:

Day 1: Chest & Back (44 min)
This heavy-lifting workout is full of super, giant, and force sets to help create a stronger, more sculpted upper body.  >> [Click to watch / download]

Day 2: Legs (44 min)
Using Dynamic Set Training, this workout is designed to improve strength in your calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes, while shaping your legs and burning fat.

Day 3: Core (30 min)
We’re not talking crunches. This workout will challenge your midsection in ways you’ve never experienced before. Be ready to challenge your core.

Day 4: Shoulders & Arms (43 min)
Designed to shape your shoulders, build your biceps, and create more defined triceps, these super and giant sets will take you to exhaustion.

Day 5: Total Body (50 min)
This unique total-body workout uses only 5 exercises to ladder you up and down, keeping the weights the same the whole time. Sound easy? It’s not.
* Workout Calendar [Click to view / download]

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**** First video is FREE: Chest & Back >> [Click to watch / download]


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